Version: Glims 1.0b24 || Release Date: 2010-01-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: machangout

Add features to Safari. Improve Search Field. Adds Thumbnails to search results.

Glims adds a cocktail of features to Safari (Tabs, Thumbnails, Full Screen, Search Engines, Search Suggestions, Forms autocomplete on, Dated download folders, Type Ahead ...)

Current features list:

  • Adds thumbnails to search results
  • Adds thumbnails to search results
  • Adds search engines to the default Google search tab
  • Adds full-screen browsing capability
  • Adds Favicons to tab labels
  • Adds keyword search from address bar
  • Undo "Close Tab" (cmd-z)
  • Re-opens last session when Safari starts
  • Auto-Closes download window
  • Adds new tab position option (right/left/leftmost/rightmost)
  • Adds tab closing using middle mouse button
  • Focus last selected tab
  • Always open links in a new tab
  • Type-ahead support (auto cmd-f)
  • Sets the focus on the search field when opening a new window
  • Adds Amazon's information banner on search results
  • Adds Amazon's information banner on search results
  • Adds a "Max Window Size" menu item to resize the Safari window
  • Forms autocomplete always on
  • Autocomplete search phrase
  • Adds bookmark separator
  • Adds bookmark actions
  • Dated download folders
  • Localized to Japanese, French, Greek, German, Spanish, and Italian

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21 Opinions

great extension for safari

Excellent plugin. Now with full support for Snow Leopard

Now Glims runs perfectly with the official Safari 4 release.
I like that!

If you want to get the MacUpdate Spring Promo Bundle anyway (like me), you can thank them a little bit easily, by ordering your bundle via this link — I copied it from their Website.

But hurry — it is only a few hours left!
I mean, the bundle will change then. ;-)

  • Glims is running fine, authors are quick if not
  • Favicons on tab's «close» buttons: great!
  • many useful options
  • searching: much better!
  • change tabs via «,» and «.»: literally «hand-y»
  • re-open last closed tab via cmd-z saves time
  • Full Screen browsing: so quick and clean ;-)

In short: I do not browse without it.

This is great, keep up the good work! You guys rock.

i love this! you can create your own search engines on websites if you're clever enough, and i've been able to add every single site i used in the firefox search box.

Very good alternative to inquisitor. Be aware that the links given to Amazon are affiliate links for the developers ......unlike Inquisitor though, these authors are completely honest and open about this fact in their a big thumbsup there too :).

(...and in actual fact, it's quite easy to create your own custom non-affiliate amazon searches as well. I use "" for the UK site for instance.)

Uargh, nevermind my last comment, I'm just plain stupid/blind. ;) Of course there are checkboxes next to each single search option entry in the preferences screen.

But I still didn't find an option to remove the search-engine entries that show up BELOW the search history (when clicking on the little symbol next to the search field).

Seems to be a VERY nice plugin at first sight, thumbs up.

The only thing that annoys me a little bit: is there any way to delete/remove some of the search options that are included at default? I don't need all the,,, … search options. It's just clutter for me.

Any hints?

Wow. Almost completely crushes Saft + Inquisistor. The only feature request I have at this point is "Never auto-complete in location field." I can't stand how Safari auto-completes the location.

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