GlowWorm FW

Version: 1.5.3b4 || Release Date: 2007-03-08 || License: Freeware Developer: Curtis Jones | App Owner: autumnmist

Similar to Little Snitch in functionality.

GlowWorm FW Lite is a rule-based network security and monitoring application based on plugin-accessible framework. By defining rules based on a set of connection criteria including the addresses, ports, the relevant endpoint and protocol, as well as a specific application, one can effectively restrict network activity. A free registration code is necessary to use this program.

The developer is also working on a non-Lite shareware full version.

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I know now how Vista users have to feel: Constant authorisation requests.
Launching the menu item (after every login): Asks for PW.
Launching main app (because you can't get into the rule editor though the menu item): Asks for PW.

On top of that, the GUI is extremely cluttered. Menu item and main app have two different pref panes. There seems to be an overlap to a certain degree between them, but there are also differences.

Overall GlowWorm feels extremely unfinished and "un-macish". Considering that the author is also selling a pro version, this is almost an effrontery.
For a free app it's bearable, but it's not great either.

autumnmist: I think it is a 9pt point within the Rule Editor. Small, I know. After I get the last couple "big" features done, I'll be going back through and doing things like font customization and localization. Neither of those are particularly fun to do.

This application is great. I use it to prevent apps from automatically connecting to the internet.

Trying it now. So far, I'm impressed.

My one problem is that the size of the fonts used in the GW rules panel can't be set... they're appearing as something like size 6-8pt on my computer. But it's very nice to find a Little Snitch alternative.

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