Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2009-04-04 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: Consonance Software | App Owner: joshua1111

Create Beautiful Images Quickly

Todays graphics software has grown more and more complicated. A simple task such as resizing an image or stitching together a few images for an iMovie is a complex task, requiring expensive software.

Gluestick solves this problem by providing a simple and elegant interface to creating a graphic from your existing images. Easily create an icon. Stitch together some family photos for an iMovie. Create simple web graphics. Easily resize graphics. Gluestick provides a quick and easy way to handle the common image needs of the average user.
Easy Mac OS X Icon Creation

Included with Gluestick are templates to assist in the creation of Mac OS X icons. Use templates for one click creation of icons, and also use Gluestick's preset image libraries to browse for images to add to your icon. Create your own custom image libraries to manage your existing assets.
First Class OS X Interface

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard introduces a new feature called Core Animation. Core Animation allows programs to take advantage of rich and smooth animated interfaces. Gluestick is one of the first programs to leverage CoreAnimation. Your entire composition animates as you build it. Layers fade into position as you add them. Images slide into place as you move them. Watch the effects you apply to your images animate as you change them.

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