Gmail Browser

Version: 0.97 || Release Date: 2009-03-10 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Willmore | App Owner: beniamino

Gmail Browser is a web browser that is dedicated to running Gmail (and Google calendar). It's an enhanced version of The enhancements are:

  • correctly handles attachments
  • correctly handles mailto: links if you set it as the default mail program
  • printing support
  • 'delete all spam' button works
  • ability to change homepage
  • icon

Why? Well, for me, reading email is usually a work activity, while web browsing is mostly play. And so, when I check my email, I easily get distracted by other web sites. Separating Gmail from the rest of the internet helps me concentrate.

An experimental version, available on the web page, uses the latest versions of WebKit for better mail, docs and spreadsheets support (including rich text email composition).

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10 Opinions

cawlin: I don't know about faster, but I think you're right, Fluid is better. I've switched to Fluid, and will probably stop developing Gmail Browser.

I find Fluid works much better and faster.

norz: The WebKit version comes from a time when Safari was not very compatible with Gmail. Even now, it's slightly useful in keeping compatible with the newest features. Re cookies -- I experimented for a while with mangling the cookies so that they were kept independently from Safari, but it was not very robust. I might look into it again, now I'm a heavy Safari (and Gmail Browser) user.

Note: cookies are shared with Safari. Ie: if you log into a given account with Gmail Browser, you will automatically be logged into the same account in Safari.

Nice app! :)
However, I don't understand what is the purpose of the experimental version 0.95 for WebKit, as google docs, remember the milk, etc, work fine with the standard 0.95 version (based on Safari instead of WebKit?).
Note: to open any page, drag a url (eg: from quicksilver) directly to a window.

Excellent! Thanks! I'd love to see a way to adjust the font size, and for calendar, etc, to open in a new tab instead of a window.

myke: I'm interested to know what problems you're having with Mark As Read -- it works fine for me. ben (developer)

I found it buggy, it doesn't like the "Mark as Read" feature very much.

This is a great little app. I too, seem to have ADD, so need to be able to focus. This in combination with your Isolator app, will make that easier and in turn make me more productive. Great work.

Does what's supposed to do and does it well.
Maybe it could be a little faster... But I know it's still version 0.6.