Gmail Notifr

Version: 0.9.0 || Release Date: 2014-01-31 || License: Freeware Developer: James Chan | App Owner: ashchan

An Open Source RubyCocoa Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X

Gmail Notifr is written in RubyCocoa and has these features:

Support multiple accounts!

Support Google hosted account.

Check mail at a specified interval.

Growl & sound notifications.

Small & fast.

Sparkle automatic update.

No background daemon processes installed as Google's official notifier.

Open Source & free!

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9 Opinions

It would be nice if it could be scripted via applescript, for example to force a manual check.

(The official Google Notifier can be scripted.)

I wish it would support IMAP idle (eg: as in 10.5), to get notifications instantaneously.

great! but sadly doesn't work behind proxy...

Best GMail checker I've found, that is for those we have multiple accounts and dont use GCalendar.
Simple and straightforward, does it job good, as a mail checker, for a more complete GMail manager I would use a Mail program.
What it needs:
- Right now you can just open the Inbox, it would be nice being able to open an individual email straight from the menu.
- A choice of Mail client to open instead of just opening GMail web page on a browser.

It quits when I try to add user account. wtf?

@ bitnix: yes, it supports multiple gmail accounts

I think this app would be more appealing if it offered a richer feature set, e.g. the ability to archive or reply new messages straight from the menu bar.

this is for you if you're on the search after a gmail notifier without "google update check" and dont have a need for google calendar notifyings

Can it check multiple Gmail accounts?