Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2008-05-24 || License: GPL Developer: Andrew Trevorrow & Tomas Rokicki | App Owner: gaffer

Based on 'Game of Life' by John Conway from 1970.
Key features are:
Unbounded universe (limited only by memory).
Fast, memory-efficient conventional algorithm.
Super fast hashing algorithm for highly regular patterns.
Responsive even while generating or garbage collecting.
Reads RLE, Life 1.05/1.06, and macrocell formats.
Supports Wolfram's 1D rules.
Can paste in patterns from the clipboard.
Auto fit option keeps patterns sized to the window.
Full screen option (no menu/status/tool/scroll bars).
Built-in HTML help system (thanks to wxWidgets).
Scriptable via Python.
Runs on Windows, Mac OS X (Universal) or Linux (GTK/X11).

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