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Version: || Release Date: 2008-04-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Google | App Owner: shrimpdesign

Google's desktop search now for the Mac. Includes a "cache" much like Google's web search cache.

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It uses Spotlight?
I'm not using it, then. mdImport trouble and inadequacies were the main reasons I was considering trying this out.


It does use the same index and indexing as Spotlight ... I tried deleting Spotlight's index, and Google Desktop stopped working.

The indexing function that it runs at first install seems to actually use the same mechanism Spotlight does- when I installed it and first launched it, it launched mdimport - which promptly began to crash every five minutes.

I don't know what the precise problem is, but this problem, coupled with John Gruber's report on it, is enough to make me not want to deal with this app for now.

Daring Fireball has a useful breakdown of what it actually installs.

I think I'll be taking my time before installing it. Quicksilver and Spotlight (via Path Finder) does all i want anyway....

The integration with Gmail is priceless. Until Spotlight gets a plugin for Google data, this'll be on my system.

Very nice. I'm indexing my hard disk right now. I hate Spotlight.

This seems to slow down my system, even when not indexing. =S


Quicksilver is over-kill if you just want instant search. I tried it for a while, and I never used 15% of Quicksilver's functionality. It's like using a jackhammer to scratch your back. Quicksilver is a different animal than Spotlight and Google Desktop.

As for Spotlight ... well, some of us just plain don't like Spotlight. It seems slugggish to me, so I disable it.

And Google Desktop does offer some new features, like a cache.

I am not sure why some of you are comparing this to Quicksilver, they are not designed to do the same things. If anything I think they complement each other quite well.

There are 2 things that I like about Google Desktop when compared to Spotlight: the ability to index my GMail, and how I can search the web and desktop at the same time. It also works better with Firefox.

I tried it out and it's alright. Not nearly as good as Quicksilver in stability, appearance, and extensibility.

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