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Version: || Release Date: 2008-04-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Google | App Owner: shrimpdesign

Google's desktop search now for the Mac. Includes a "cache" much like Google's web search cache.

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EasyFind now shows more than 185 "google" files. Most of them are new.

Google Desktop results show up in a web search in Firefox 2, but not in Safari 2. Strange...

Having in mind Google / Gmail privacy issues I would never install it. It's not enough they scan and keep your deleted emails (for whatever purposes they may fancy) but now this... forget it!

I rather use quicksilver. AFAIK the only difference is gmail integration.

It was pretty cool when I installed it about a month ago but now it's slow as hell

Works like a charm on my MacBook with no slow downs etc. Until someone comes out with a better way to search and display Entouage, etc. I'm sure I'll be using it daily.

I've been using it since it was announced and I haven't had any problems.
To the contrary, it seems like a very quick and stable app. My fans aren't noisy, my CPU isn't overloaded, etc. It uses Spotlight, yes, but it enhances it. The searches are quicker than Spotlight, and it searches Gmail which is reason enough for me to use it. Google Desktop is better on the Mac than on the PC, so kudos to the Mac Development team @ Google.

I installed it yesterday and ever since, my iMac fans have been working overtime. Probably due to mdimport. So, I deleted it today and all is now quiet again.

@ groxx

The idea, at least as expressed by lead dev Mike Pinkerton (of Camino fame) is that it's ostensibly supposed to compliment Spotlight, not replace it - hence the reason why it uses Spotlight's index file and mdimport.

What I don't understand is why it forces a rebuilding of the Spotlight index. Spotlight is supposed to dynamically update itself after the first time it's run (which is essentially the first time you instal Tiger), isn't it?

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