Google Notifier

Version: 1.10.7 || Release Date: 2010-11-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Google | App Owner: tedpower

notifies you of new Gmail & upcoming Gcal events

The Google Notifier is an application that shows you alerts in your menu bar, so you can see when you have new Gmail messages or upcoming Google Calendar events without having to open a web browser.

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Latest version (1.9.100) apparently defaults to an acceptable security level, finally. It is highly recommended to use a secure http connection (https) when accessing a web-based mailbox.

Besides that, works lovely and simply, with all needed options in the preference pane. Installer is of an unconventional nature though, which could irritate a certain type of user.

pain to install, i hate downloading installer app's(especially when the end product is 500kb!) , doesnt have support for multiple account's.

at least their search is good :P

It appears that Version 2.0 has been pulled, as they are back to offering version 1.9.xx So I would wait a couple days and see if they put it back up. I never actually saw it up, so I have no idea if it ever was, but it isn't now

Gmail Browser will configure mailto: links to open in Gmail -- which this app also does. Just another alternative to consider.

hmm, does this one eat less resources than Google Notifier....(not that the latter does, but, I think 15 megs is alot for an app like that)

For the privacy nuts: Google Notifier can now be confiigured to use https instead of just http.

1) Open the file in your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder with a plist or xml editor
2) Add a New Sibling called SecureAlways, setup as Boolean with a value of 1.
3) Save and relaunch Google Notifier

Now Google Notifier (and perhaps Gmail Notifier) checks for new mail using ssl (default port 443) and all links to Gmail lead to https urls. You can check this yourself by blocking port 80 or running Little Snitch. This was discovered by Matt A:

For those who may not know, https is http with encryption. By default Gmail only uses https during the login page for the encrypted transmission of passwords, but everything else, including all email, is sent cleartext. (Try going to and to see the difference)

Replacement icons by Kenichi Yoshida: Forum post Download

Replacement icons by Kenichi Yoshida: Forum post Download

This app sucks and it's full of bugs while it also is ugly with icons that don't even attempt to match (or fit it's huge screaming red icon) with the other icons in the top bar (black icons). They originally did match it but then I updated thinking that "newer is better". Boy was I wrong.

Meh. I'll stick with GPeek. It only takes a second or two to check all my accounts, and it checks when I want it, not automatically (I'm not a fan of things doing things on their own without my knowledge. I watch my bandwidth monitor like a hawk).

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