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Version: || Release Date: 2010-08-23 || License: BSD License App Owner: awildfounthook

Google Quick Search Box is an open source search box that allows you to search data on your computer and across the web.

This app is very experimental, but through it you will be able to see many of the areas we are exploring: contextual search, actions, and extensibility. It is by no means feature-complete, but is a very good indication of things to come.

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As a long time QuickSilver user I was happy to move to GQSB knowing that the same developer was behind both systems. There are still a few crashes and a lack of shortcut triggers, but it's generally enjoyable to use.

I love this! Another great tool from google
But one issue: I use AppFresh for updating, and I notice that it never gets taken off the list, so I have to right-click->Skip update for it.

Great update. Now I can type "mate" to get TextMate and "goor" for Google Reader. Gonna try this for a couple days as a actual Quicksilver replacement.

I still think Butler has them all beat. That is when you compare memory usage, stability, features and all together. Weighing the pluses and minuses of each... Butler is my fave. Don't get me wrong, I wish QuickSilver was stable. I wish QuickSilver wasn't being left to die... but as a free app, that can happen and we can't really complain.

Gonna give GQSB a good try this afternoon.

What does this have over LaunchBar that's worthy of notion, except for the freeware/commercial difference?

I had no idea this existed until recently but it is awesome. I hate that I depend on Google more and more but this app is badass. a little buggy but i am sure they are working on it. I was never a big fan of quicksilver but this seems to suit my tastes better.

This easily beats Launchbar and Butler, though it isn't yet a Quicksilver replacement it could easily be. Integrated Google search results are better that scanning bookmarks.

I'd been considering making the leap from QS (unstable and dying) to LaunchBar, but glad this came out before I put down my dollar. Right now QSB is also quite unstable, but I'm willing to give it a while to calm down.... It's like Alcor took everything good about QS and wrapped it up in a much tidier package. This app is very promising (but, as I said, still quite unstable right now...)

I'd switched over to the new beta of Launchbar with QS being so unstable for me... This app isn't terribly stable either but I'm going to stick with it for a bit and see how things shape up... It's quite promising so far...

LaunchBar is the best I've seen in the genre.

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