Gorilla 4.0

Version: 5.5 || Release Date: 2008-01-03 || License: Commercial with demo (399 $) App Owner: est2000

What is Gorilla?
Producing a movie doesn't have to be difficult. With Gorilla, all of your information can be stored in one place: Budgeting, Scheduling, Crew, Cast, Profit-sharing, Editing Notes, and even Film Festival Submissions.

When it's time to create reports, Gorilla can generate over 80 industry-standard reports, from stripboards to breakdown sheets, budget top sheets to variances, your entire production can be run from one program. View a complete list of Gorilla's reports.

Gorilla is the only software package built with the independent producer in mind. You have to do it all, so why not have software that can do it all too?

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