GPG Keychain Access

Version: 1.1.3 || Release Date: 2014-04-02 || License: GPL Developer: Roman Zechmeister | App Owner: gpgtools

The GPG Keychain Access is an Application to generate and manage GPG Keys.

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@parimbi : The latest release (1.0b1) does include executable code for both PPC and Intel processors.

No PPC-Support anymore?

In case anyone is concerned, the current version of GPG Keychain Access works much better than previous versions referenced in previous comments. Version 0.8.7 is 64-bit and works great on Snow Leopard.

Just fyi: this is a new Snow Leopard (64bit) compatible version. As a result the version number has changed.

This application is about as reliable as it is pretty.

Never worked for me since I switched to Leopard. Support is nonexistent.

Its companion, GPG File Tool, only accepts passphrases on the third time you paste it from a text editor—don't you dare actually typing it: it won't work and you'll panic, afraid that you've forgotten your key.

Makes you think about using the (expensive) PGP toolset.