GPG Suite (was GPGTools Installer)

Version: 2013.10.22 || Release Date: 2013-10-23 || License: Freeware Developer: GPGTools | App Owner: gpgtools

Allows the sending of fully encrypted emails via the Mac Mail app and Thunderbird

GPGTools is an open source initiative to bring OpenPGP to Apple OS X. This allows you to sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt files and e-mails. The project is originated from efforts revamping GPGMail developments in 2010.

The personal privacy is one of the most underestimated goods everyone of us has. By encrypting your data before sending them over the internet you prevent others from reading them during the delivery process. Where the "others" can not only be negligible hackers but more important criminal individuals, business companies or even governments interested in your personal information for various reasons some of them you can't even imagine!

Another point is the origin of information. Every piece of information has its source that inseparably belongs to it. The source of an information is almost as importand as the information itself. By using GPGTools the reciever of an email or file can be sure the information has been sent by only you. He even can tell if the content has been altered on its way through the internet and is therefore not valid for you. PGP messages cannot be faked! - Not partially, not completely, NOT AT ALL!

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2 Opinions

Awesome to see the port/effort going again.

Great app! Ever since PGP got bought by NAI and then by Symantec, and commercialized (which I think is rubbish), it's been difficult to find a good, solid, FREE version of PGP that just installs and works cleanly out of the box. GPGTools is constantly under development, which is good, and the developers are very open to input. Kudos to them for bringing high-grade encrypted email to the masses!