Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2007-10-26 || License: Freeware Developer: Apple | App Owner: jennsbl

Comes with OS X

Taking pictures of your screen with Grab

You can use the Grab application to take a picture of all or part of your computer screen. These pictures are often called "screen shots" or "screen captures."

Open Grab (located in /Applications/Utilities) and choose a command from the Capture menu.
Selection takes a picture of a part of the screen that you select.

Window takes a picture of a window you select.

Screen takes a picture of the entire screen.

Timed Screen lets you start a timer and activate part of the screen (such as a menu), and then takes a picture of the screen.

Follow the instructions in the dialog for the command you chose.
To see information about a screen shot you've taken, such as the size and depth, choose Edit > Inspector.

To save a screen shot, choose File > Save. Grab saves screen shots as files in TIFF format. You can use the Preview application to view these files and export them to other formats, such as JPEG.

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3 Opinions

Command-shift-3 is now disabled when DVD Player is running. Shame on you, Apple!

Cmd-Shift-3 (whole screen) and Cmd-Shift-4 (selection) are usually sufficient, but Grab can be handy for complicated stuff like adding cursors, timed captures, single window captures, etc.
Pretty much only if you need to put together documentation for a program or task.

You can use Apple-Shift-4 to take screenshots without even opening this application.