Version: 1.7.0 || Release Date: 2016-05-05 || License: GPL App Owner: eriban

A small utility application that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space.

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Disk Inventory X shows apps as singe files, not as folders, I find it more useful that way.

GrandPerspective is yet another clone of KDirStat- like Disk Inventory X, another OSX app, and WinDirStat, SequoiaView, etc for Windows. Of the two for OSX, GrandPerspective seems to be the fastest.


You won't find amok-running logfiles and other hidden files like that. And you don't get the overview where your space is wasted - I like to see on one glimpse that my movies take a good amount of my harddrive for example.


Absolutely love it. I've found a few space-hogs with this, and I routinely check to see if something is bloating more than it should. Very quick scan, and a great way to look at the space on your HD.

Really, really useful.

I was a bit intrigued where all my disk space went, and with the help of this app it was quite easy to find some old apps, game demos etc that were just siting around taking space, in a couple of minutes I reclaimed more than 10GB back, not bad!

I love it -- a novel way to look at HD storage. I haven't use any of the alternative programs that f1l mentioned below, but I will say that GrandPerspective helped me save a lot of space. I found AIFF files that should have been compressed as MP3s, forgotten folders that should have been archived on external HDs, etc. A similar feature should be built into OS X. Highly recommended.

Now this little app is a gem I look forward to using, for a long while. I lost ten gigs in useless space ever since I have downloaded this gem. The graphics are not really what I thought...... but It is a worth while little app.

Fine SequoiaView ( ) clone.
Disk Inventory X's implementation is a bit closer to the original (which means it generates the better graphs) but GrandPerspective is way faster and has the nicer icon, although it's trying to be original when there is no need to it.

If you never heard about cushion tree maps and how they could be useful to you get one of theese apps and try them out yourself, been using them since 1999 and couldn't imagine to use an os that doesn't have an app like theese to see where my disk space has gone (in fact back in the days the existence of kdirstat convinced me that linux might be ripe for the desktop and worth a try).

( And not only useful to nerds ;) )

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