Version: 3.2.4 || Release Date: 2014-10-10 || License: Commercial with demo (69$) Developer: Media Atelier | App Owner: mediaatelier

GrandTotal is an application to create invoices and estimates based on your own templates

The built-in template editor allows you to adjust your layout to fit your companies corporate design. GrandTotal works great in combination with TimeLog.

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Great! A little expensive though...

One great thing about GrandTotal is the responsiveness of the developer. GT keeps improving again and again. (Meaningful) features are added constantly, as well as new integrations to other apps, e.g. the time tracking tool »mite« ( Keep it coming, MediaAtelier!

perfect and a good french version

Leopard only.

Just love these apps of Media Atelier, always beautiful looking, nice interface, having the right features at the right place. . GrandTotal has easy to use Layout Tool, and I love the integrated manual and help section. Also the application feels fast and doesn't waste any cpu time when it is in the background tried a few competitors and they use a lot, I hate that.

GrandTotal is amazing... As a longtime user of TimeLog I have been an admirer of Media Atelier (Media Studio in English). TimeLog is the simplest and best time tracking program for the Mac. It's seamless integration with iCal makes it intuitive to use. One problem: invoicing.

Along comes GrandTotal... with GrandTotal, Media Atelier has addressed the issue of turning brilliantly tracked time into gorgeous invoices. Like it's sibling application, GrandTotal is easy to use and fun. Yes, FUN! I was up and running - without reading the help files - in minutes.

The program is full featured. In addition to a very simply - yet sophisticated - graphics engine, it allows for all aspects of invoice tracking. It even calculates taxes. What makes it so remarkable is how easy it is to use.

Quite simply, for people who bill according to their time, the TimeLog / GrandTotal bundle has no match. For those who simply need an excellent invoice generator, GrandTotal is your best choice.

5 stars. A must have Mac application!

best an easiest programm - i use it with timelog - for freelancers!

I used to build my invoices in InDesign and keep track of the time I'd spent on projects using a timer. Then I'd keep a ledger to track when invoices were due and who had paid me.

GrandTotal is excellent! The layout is completely customizable to suit my needs. It calculates taxes automatically. It keeps track of which invoices are overdue and which have been paid. And when used with TimeLog, I'm saving a lot of time doing the "business" side of my business and have more time to work on my projects.

And that's just the invoice feature. GrandTotal also creates estimates that can be made into invoices when the project is accepted. The interface is clean and straightforward and I find that making invoice layouts is fun! I highly recommend this application.