Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-10-25 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: raruler

Create 2D and 3D graphs with this lovely full-featured equation grapher.

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I use Grapher normally for two purposes:
- Showcasing 3D power even on portable systems
- Copying "difficult" equations in LaTeX format

Links are all broken....

Very powerful app, invaluable for my math and physics homework. The character input is the smartest I've ever seen; much less arcane than Mathematica (as I knew it years ago anyway).

Not sure why it's buried in the /Applications/Utilities folder since it isn't a system utility. A lot of Mac users don't know about this app. Perhaps Apple didn't want to bother the graphic arts segment that would never use it, but now that the developer and unix crowd are getting into Macs, they should showcase their little gem.

It's a cool app. My TI-83 has hardly been used since I found it.

This is included with Mac OS X 10.4, it's located in /Applications/Utilities, you can't download this separately. The link is the only page on Apple that mentions, and it does so only in a sidebar.

Grapher can export images suitable for inclusion in LaTeX documents.