Version: 7.02 (build 108) || Release Date: 2010-11-23 || License: Shareware ($25) App Owner: arne

Ever had an image that seemed impossible to open? Struggeled too many times with images without enough info for even the mighty Photoshop?

GraphicConverter X/Classic is kinda like vlc, only for converting images. Keep it in mind, when running into trouble....

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i still love this old buddy. The Swiss army knife for image files has evolved into a universal graphics files manager and viewer. While not as delicious looking as some, do not underestimate the raw power of this application. Especcially its batch operations on graphics files are second to none.

I don't know why everyone is comparing this app to Photoshop: while it has some image-editing features, they're quite limited because that's not its primary focus. Rather, it's primarily an image converter, and it excels at that task. If you want an image editor, use Photoshop or the GIMP.

it's not that great, save for those weird-format-binds that one occasionally gets in. for the price, i'd say it's rather necessary, if only for those sticky moments.

this is the ultimate graphics format can opener, perfect for quick-and-dirty editing, batch processing...the price is unbeatable. it even imports pictures from connected digital cameras!

This is as easy to use as Paintshop Pro on a PC.

If you think photo editing software should cost less than a digital camera, this software might be for you.

Agreed about the range of file types it can open, but the app has its quirks and limitations, and the interface leaves a lot to be desired.

if you're a photoshop user, you'll probably use this app rarely, as i do. if you can't afford p'shop, this is a GREAT inexpensive alternative. AND: it'll open practically ANYTHING you throw at it, even files that p'shop can't open. thumbs up!

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