Version: 7.02 (build 108) || Release Date: 2010-11-23 || License: Shareware ($25) App Owner: arne

Ever had an image that seemed impossible to open? Struggeled too many times with images without enough info for even the mighty Photoshop?

GraphicConverter X/Classic is kinda like vlc, only for converting images. Keep it in mind, when running into trouble....

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Fantastic app! I started using it in 1993 and paid the shareware fee and have kept using it ever since. Opens most graphic formats and easily converts them to the format you need. Highest recommendation!

This is probably the closest thing to IrfanView for the Mac.

@norz Update: apparently iptc editing is lossless when done in the graphicconverter browser.
(Couldn't prove it with binary image comparison though (eg: saving both before and after images as png or tiff).)

Editing iptc tags isn't lossless: the jpg image get saved (and recompressed) as well, even if it hasn't been changed. :(

On windows, Irfanview does lossless iptc editing, but on Mac OS, I have yet to find such a tool.

I like using this. It's a must have in my book.

When Preview can't do it and P-Shop is the proverbial howitzer to kill a fly, GC will get the job done. This is a must in your photo/image editing toolbox.

GC is often compared to a Swiss army knife. I think that makes sense. It does nothing really well. The user interface is so confusing that you need to buy and download a pdf-tutorial to find your way. Some very simple tasks have awkward workflows. (Ever tried to save a losslessly cropped JPG?)

But then, like the famous Swiss army knife, it can do A LOT of things. Manipulate EXIF and IPTC data, losslessly change the resolution of a file, add borders to a picture, rename files, create icon previews for the finder, correct white balance, add text, sharpen, ...

The most useful feature is batch conversion of files. Batch commands are easy to define. Then select a few file in the image browser, click a button, and you'll have your images resized, sharpened, framed and saved with a given filesize. (Great for Flickr.)

In the Windows World you might compare it to ACDSee or PaintShop Pro. However GraphicConverter's feature set is quite unique. GC is neither an image editor nor an image database. It's an image "converter" with many additional bells and whistles, for very little money.

GC is also great as an addition to Photoshop. (If you can afford Photoshop, the few bucks for GC don't matter.) You'll find that many of these occasional tasks are faster in GC.

Absolutely wonderful app for what it is. It is not a Photoshop, but a great tool in itself.

The assistance provided by the developer was fantastic. Emails were responded to quickly. He even took the time to make a quick screencast with voice to explain how to do my particular batch conversion. Top notch!

I agree with marnen. Graphic converter is more a converter not editor. If you look at it just as an editor then yes its pretty crappy these days.
My only problem is that it still feels like an OS 9 app. It's one of the worst OS X apps usability wise in my opinion and the gui really needs an update.

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