Version: 1.3.0 || Release Date: 2009-12-27 || License: Shareware (39.95 USD) Developer: Simon Strandgaard | App Owner: neoneye

Construct amazingly impressive graphics using "building blocks"

What is it
An unique and powerful graphics editor for generating textures, composing logos, photo manipulation, text effects and web graphics, targeted at professional web designers and artists.

Instead of virtual drawing tools and layers, GraphicDesignerToolbox provides adjustable building blocks which allows for extensive tweaking and re-use, much like a modular sound synthesizer.

* Unified bitmap/vector compositing
* 103 building blocks
* Build assets and recycle your work

* Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5 or 10.4
* 1 GB system RAM
* Graphics card with 64 MB video RAM
* 20 MB hard drive space

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* User gallery

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3 Opinions

Graphic Designer Toolbox allows you make amazing graphic with very little work. To make graphics, you use building blocks, rather than other methods accomplished in programs like Photoshop. Graphic Designer Toolbox does have a slight learning curve, but once you understand it, you can make lots of things from textures, buttons, logos, icons, text effects, or just about anything.

With Graphic Designer Toolbox, you start with an empty grid on the top right, blocks and options on the bottom right, and an empty output box on the left. You then place blocks on the grid to create your masterpiece. The blocks are read from to to bottom. For example, they might read photo, zoom, and crop.

You can easily make amazing graphics with Graphic Designer Toolbox. They even provide many tutorial to help you get started. I suggest visiting the screenshot gallery to see what you can do in Graphic Designer Toolbox:

I strongly recommend this program.

@jarosia you make me happy. thank you!

Also if anyone wants to chat with me (the developer), I'm on IRC for questions/suggestions. #toolbox

Really cool app, its really unique in creating graphics!