Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2012-09-19 || License: BSD License Developer: The Growl Project | App Owner: the_tick

Notification system for OS X apps.

Growl is a notification system that allows any application to send it a notification, and then it displays it. You can (for example) be notified that you have new email, or that a download completed, etc.

Support for Applescript, Perl, Python, TCL, Cocoa, Carbon, Ruby and more being added.

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I love the ever expanding list of applications that use it as well. The notifications are small floating windows that fade in and out with the notification text or image in it. For example, if you're working in another app and you get an IM from an Audium ( ) contact a floating bubble will fade in on the upper right hand side of the screen with the contact icon and message they sent.

Very cool app.

I can't imagine using a Mac without this application anymore.

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