Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2012-09-19 || License: BSD License Developer: The Growl Project | App Owner: the_tick

Notification system for OS X apps.

Growl is a notification system that allows any application to send it a notification, and then it displays it. You can (for example) be notified that you have new email, or that a download completed, etc.

Support for Applescript, Perl, Python, TCL, Cocoa, Carbon, Ruby and more being added.

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Version 1.3 breaks compatibility with the Player:

version 1.3 is now only available as a paid app on the appstore and is no longer a prefpane and has a menubar icon.

@fgrimoo I hate distraction too. Which is why 7 years ago I started the Growl Project with multiple other people. Sounds like you're doing it wrong.

Growl Project Lead

@powerup Um.. how is having a publicly searchable and email-able mailing list with thousands of people subscribed who can help you even close to what you described?

To me this sounds like you just wanted to yell and curse at us for no good reason, other than for doing it so that you felt better. I'm not in the mood for that, it's not nice, and to be honest not necessary.

The reason we only do support via the list is so that if one of the 5 people total who work on Growl in their very spare time are all sleeping, one of our users can reply to you.

You don't know what you are talking about. However, feel free to contact us at the google group if you are still having problems. Unfortunately iusethis comments are not the right way to contact us either.

Growl Project Lead

I gave up on this until minutes ago. Tried for days to fix the unwanted, daily Growl popup update reminder; finally I tried to directly uninstall Growl with one of the "many" unwanted download uninstall links. (I was even getting "unwanted" downloads! The Growl update reminder downloads automatically clicking anywhere in the reminder box. You must click "exactly" on the small "x" to remove the daily popup reminder.) I also tried to open the to attempt to change the preferences, but Growl would never open. I did not know where the growl app was located since the one I clicked did not open. I uninstalled, being forced to use their product, which I did not want in the first place. So far, so good...

I hope my personal experience helps. I have never tried this product so I have no idea what it does, but the description sounds good, I might add.

Growl agrees that "other applications install Growl without permission". They do not have an email address, simply send you to google. They have "instructions" to solve the problem, but they do not work! They are a "menace" to those that do not want to be hassled "daily" (they blame other apps for this!) with updates. Why? They do not have an email address direct to them for help with "their" invasion of our computers. I agree, it is a good concept. I respect those that adore this software. But "choice" should be an individual thing. They hide from being responsible for this problem. I have had numerous crash events while deleting the incessant "growl update" popup in the upper right hand corner of my monitor! Beware of getting involved with this software.

Thanks for your post conlan.
I just thought those people how claim Growl had to be installed by default needs some reply. :)

Here's a tip for people who "hate" Growl: umm, don't install it.

The truth is, Growl is completely customizable so it's only as distracting as you want it to be. If you only want to be notified when one very specific event occurs in one application, set it that way. Hooray, easy as pi.

I love Growl, but I am currently running Tiger and this 1.2 update bugs me everyday to download it when it isn't even compatible. I haven't found a way to disable it and I'm starting to get annoyed.

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