Growly Journal

Version: 1.0.8 || Release Date: 2012-12-16 || License: Freeware App Owner: msmousette

Multi-year personal diary.

Growly Journal is a diary for keeping track of the activities, events, milestones, and trivia in your life. Each day entry contains numerous dedicated fields for things such as special events, projects, anniversaries, restaurants, movies and concerts, and many more. You can also add a picture to any day to help you remember special occasions. And you can password-protect your journal so your secret thoughts are kept private.

The true power of Journal is revealed with time. The default view shows the same day of the year, for every year you’ve kept your diary. You can quickly scan back to see what you were up to a year ago, five years ago, or more.

Journal gives you absolute control over the display of your journal. You can look at your entries in two basic ways: day detail (shown above) and month overview (below). The day views can be sliced by weekday (all weeks), day of the year (all years), one month in one year, or one year. The month views can show all months in the journal or just one month of the year (all years).

If you don’t like the labels we’ve assigned to the fields, feel free to change them. For example, “Project 1” could be renamed “Sewing” or “Woodworking,” or you could use the Gifts field for some other purpose entirely.

We all have things we do repeatedly: favorite restaurants, movies we watch over and over, and projects that take weeks or months to complete. Journal helps with these repeats by suggesting completions for certain fields as you type. You can ignore the suggestions, but if you’re entering something you’ve done before, auto-completion can save you time.

If you move often, the Home field records where you lived on each date. But the actual act of moving doesn’t happen on very many days, so Journal automatically copies the Home field from the previous day when you create a new entry. In the same vein, you can copy any field from the previous day simply by choosing a menu command.

Five-year and ten-year journals have been available in paper form for ages. Growly Journal has many advantages over physical books, among them the flexibility to reuse fields for other purposes, to hide fields you don’t use, to have different ways to look at the same entry.

But the biggest advantage is searching: you can search for anything, in any single field or in common combinations of fields.

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