Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2012-11-05 || License: Freeware App Owner: sakya

Google Reader for Mac OS X

Gruml lets you view and manage your subscriptions of your Google Reader account.
Add subscriptions, manage your folders and tags, have a quicklook over unread articles, view your subscriptions webpages and much more.

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Love Gruml, still have some little bugs but notjing important

Now it's 64 bit !!!

I have one simple request that the current version (0.9.17) does not support yet: the possibility to sort the feeds manually. (Now they are sorted alphabetically only.)

Latest Version

● Fixed: Google Reader sync issues (unread/read, mark items, add feeds etc. not synced any more) due to changed interface (Issue #140)
● Fixed: ClickToFlash support (>=1.6b6) in preview ● fixed (Issue #144)
● Fixed: Slow scrolling in articles list on 10.5
● Fixed: Open article's website in default browser/new tab didn't work if article pane is active (Issue #136)
● Improvement: Changed count of unread items (Issue #141)
● Improvement: unread folders/feeds in sidebar are marked bold
● New: Open article in browser tab/default browser by pressing right arrow / right sweep if status in item list (Issue #142)
● New: short link services: and .tk
● further bug fixes

I'm liking this app more and more every day and am now using it as my default Google centric reader. Granted, as others have mentioned, it does have a few issues, but remember it hasn't reached GA yet. Version 0.9.11 brought very good improvements and I think this app has a bright future. No other RSS reader I know of has such a wide range of integration with almost every major social network. Good job.

This is a good alternative to netnewswire. But its almost impossible to use bacause it runs so slowly on macbook 2.0ghz even scrolling through feeds conjours up the beachball. I understand its still in beta and that this will probably be fixeed in the future. It has more features than most rss readers and its syncs with google reader as well.

Though I've happily used NetNewsWire for quite some time, after the recent changes I'm looking for a better alternative. I agree with BRH (and as the developer has stated on their site) Gruml is definitely beta, but I'm really excited about where this is going! Will be a fantastic news reader once the kinks are worked out.

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