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Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2011-08-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Jay Tuley | App Owner: cirrus

> cd to ... is a fast mini application that opens a Terminal.app window cd'd to the frontmost finder window. This app is designed (including it's icon) to placed in the finder window's toolbar.

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The fastest of any such app I've used due to it being written in a compiled language rather than applescript. Does what it says on the tin! Been using it for years and I install it on every new mac I get!

Unless you're under severe system memory constraints I'd rather use DTerm. It's a context-sensing panel you can pop-up with a global shortcut, it picks up your PWD in the Finder and many other apps. It is also as of recently free to download and use.
You should really try both before you settle on a solution to "I need to go UNIX on this thing I have open here" problem.

Simple and fast (because it's written in a real programming language.) A must for anyone who uses Terminal regularly and desires better integration with Finder. Note: Go the other way using the "open" command in terminal.

A wonderful idea, but prone to hiccups: if Terminal.app is not running, it will open two windows; it will also not open terminal windows into folders the user has no write rights to. All in all, too many of them for regular use; I defaulted to putting DFX in my sidebar instead and Cmd-clicking folder names from its menu, which works flawlessly, even if it needs a click more,

I prefer <a href="http://osx.iusethis.com/app/openterminal">OpenTerminal</a>. It easier to configure and I also found it to be a lot more reliable than ">cd to…". The latest version also has a nice icon.

@ytrwq1, agl, bitnix and alpha: You can combine Quicksilver and OpenTerminal:

Do "Finder Selection"->Open with OpenTerminal. This will work for folders and files. (OpenTerminal will open the folder containing the file if a file is selected. It is even intelligent enough to open only one window if multiple files from the same folder are selected.)

Useful! I had my own AppleScript for this, but the toolbar icon is actually easier to use.

When it comes to Quicksilver tip suggested by ytrewq1, it has one important flaw. You have to have a directory selected in Finder for it to work. I prefer a solution that works also when a file inside the directory is selected.

@factoryjoe re: iTerm. The README for cd to says:

To use with iTerm or X11/xterm, using the finder get info on ">cd to ..." from it's installed location and under the section labeled "plugins" enable the proper plugin (while disabling the others). Next time you run ">cd to ..." it should with the correct application.

@ bitnix: well that one is true. I must admit, that i only tried this one to verify your statement (i used to use "Open Terminal"). The very first time it DID open a second window. Later (even after quitting Terminal.app) it didn't do that anymore. (???)
Anyway: nice app but for now I'll stay with the quicksilver shortcut.

@factoryjoe : when using quicksilver and having the iTerm-plugin installed you cn actually do that . . .

@ ytrewq1 & aol

I believe there is one major advantage that this application has, over the method that you pointed out, about using a Quicksilver trigger; namely, this app doesn't open up TWO Terminal windows (that is, if you're using Terminal, at least).

That quirk has always been very annoying to me and this is the first time I see someone providing a means of doing it, without the pesky "bug" occuring.

This seems like a really cool app and I appreciate that the source was provided but it'd be even better if it worked with iTerm... I looked at the source but, not being a developer, didn't know how to hack in that functionality. Any help?

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