Guitar Pro

Version: 6.0.4 || Release Date: 2010-05-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($59.00) Developer: Arobas Music | App Owner: groggie

Began as a PC-only tabalature writing application, and is the best way to write and listen to music for bands.

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Version 6 has been out since April 2010. I'm running it on Lion without any issues. The GUI in version 6 (I had previously used version 5) is considerably improved. In fact, now I really enjoy working with GP, whereas I had avoided it previously. The RSE keep improving as well, enough so that I use it to create backing tracks to practice over.

nice program if it would work, realy realy unstable here (GP 5 on 10.6), it crashes like 5 times before I can open a tab :(
this needs an update fast.

UI really could use some work, but its a decent program for learning songs.

Hmm, pretty lame to be debunked when you deliver factual fucking information that's cited.

There is a new version that is compatible with Leopard.

from :

"Mac OS X Leopard users : Guitar Pro 5 is not compatible yet with Mac OS X 10.5. We're currently working on a fixing update which should be available in the following weeks."

The best Program for Guitar Players. There are 1000´s of songs available for the program.
So you can teach you evers Guitar Solo you always wanted to play.
My 16 year old Sons likes it too. Give it try.