Hardware Growler

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-28 || License: Freeware App Owner: piotrb

This is a little app hidden in the extras folder of the growl disk image. It notifies you of any hardware events, like when you plug in your mouse. On top of that it also notifies you of wireless network connections and when you acquire an IP, very usefull when on the road, using open wifi networks and wanting to know when you are connected.

To download, download the GROWL package and look into the Extras folder.

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growl.info seems down, so download and homepage links are broken.
Mirror for download at majorgeeks

apparently i needed to update growl lol, so i jsut added it through there. You should get them to put the extras somewhere on the site so you dont have to get the whole package every time.

Guys, this is best I could do for the download link .. since Hardware Growler ships as an Extra as part of the normal Growl dmg. Linking directly to the growl dmg seems even more misleading and confusing. Thoughts?

i think the download link isnt working. it sends you to Growl and not hardware growler

extremely useful, couldn't live without it

I love the network notifying. Makes my life much easier.

I love HardwareGrowler! It lets me know my airport status, what drives I have mounted, and plenty of other good stuff. I keep most notifications on a quick bezel, but relegate attatched USB devices to smoke- I get a lot of these when using a KVM to switch to and from my PC.

Yeah, you CAN use dockless, but on the website it has instructions as to how to get rid of the dock icon.

About the dock icon, check "Disabling the dock icon" on Growl page. Apparently you don't need Dockless to get rid of it.

You can use the utility Dockless to get rid of the dock icon for Hardware Growler (among other apps).

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