Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2014-01-22 || License: Freeware App Owner: bzamecnik

With HarmonEye you can see the tones you hear in the music.

What looks like a retina of an eye is a unique software application that listens to the music and shows you the tones and chords being played. From any audio. In real-time. From that you can easily see the melody, chords and the key of your favourite songs. Including the nuances like a singer’s vibrato. You can write it down, or just look at it for hours and be amazed by you new absolute pitch.

Features of HarmonEye:

* Visualizes the tones from the music in a circle
* Tones from all octaves are aggregated into a single one
* Each tone bin is yet divided to see vibrato, slides, etc.
* Switch to the circle of fifths (eg. to see modulations between keys)
* Switch to the accumulation mode to average the tones over time (to identify the key)
* Pause!
* Works in real-time
* Takes music from the default audio input (eg. microphone, line-in)
* With the Soundflower driver route system audio output and listen to iTunes, YouTube, anything

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