Hattrick Organizer

Version: 1.424 || Release Date: 2009-01-13 || License: GPL App Owner: moralec

This is a Mac OS X package (.app) of this GPL Hattrick Managment tool.

Hattrick Organizer is regularly distributed with plataform independent jar files, and a bunch of additional resources. This in the other hand, is a friendlier app package with everything you don't want to know about, inside. Just drag the .app out of the dmg, and run it. mac style!


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Hattrick Organizer is a popular, free, java-based helper application for web based football management game Hattrick (www.hattrick.org).

gham (http://www.hattrickitalia.org/gham/) and hattrick organizer (http://www.hattrickorganizer.net/) are two different applications.

I'm adding a better description on top.

So... as Hattrick Manager is a Java file, how is this different from the actual "gham" program? If there is a difference, please, don't hesitate to point it out (I haven't tried either, I don't follow sports at all).

Actually... what the heck IS it? The description is just a bit vague.