Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2009-08-12 || License: Commercial with demo (99.99) Developer: Ariea | App Owner: babgond

HDR MAX is the first all-in-one high dynamic range imaging application.

Offering an advanced compositing workflow, increased productivity, and RAW support, HDR MAX is the ultimate application for HDR image processing.

Until now, the compositing and tonal reproduction processes have been disconnected and often inefficient. HDR MAX bridges those gaps and brings all aspects of HDR image processing together in one application.

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2 Opinions

I just tried it and I'm fairly impressed. The results seems to be perfectly fine, the only issue I have right now is the UI, it's not very responsive, the preview is updated every time a setting is changed and it's understandably not instant but there is often no indication that the software is actually doing something. It's bad as the rest of the UI is not responding during this time.

the sliders are weird, they all look grayed out at first look, the UI in general needs more contrast, also you cannot click on an arbitrary point on a slider, so have to grab it and slide it.

Despite those (slight) flaws, it seems to be a perfectly competent competitor to Photomatix Pro, with a much more native UI. Now an Aperture plugin would be great.

Excellent! But, on Tiger OSX G4 is extremely slow, so I have to resize the hdr quite a bit smaller. Also, I have noticed that this application cannot process more than 3 hdr's before bugging up and had to restart the application. But excellent output, but offers to save in many formats; only JPEG works.