Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2009-09-21 || License: Shareware (19.95) Developer: Pawn Software | App Owner: pawnltd

Zone Diet, the easy way

Zone Diet is a very effective way to lose weight and keep fit. But when you plan your diet you should not waste your time doing lots of calculations. Heicos was created specifically to address that. You won't need paper, pencils and calculators anymore and you will be free to follow your diet, focusing on your weight and your health.

Easy food entry
Food and recipes are easily added by just inserting nutritional values displayed on packages or cookbooks. Heicos performs all calculations needed to fit items to a block. Planning a meal requires only to fit values and Heicos will compute quantities needed.

Everything organized and accessible
Organize your meals and activities just focusing on balancing them. Meals, meditations and physical activities are easily saved with drag and drop so they can be reused every time you need. Each list can be filtered by typing in the search box, so you can find instantly what you are looking for. Heicos will save you a lot of time.

Keep your data up to date and monitor your progresses
Keep track of your body changes, progresses and health. You have all your parameters listed and you can visualize your progresses with graphs, giving yourself more motivation.

Exchange your data with friends and bring your planning with you
Every item can be dragged in the file system, sent by email or exchanged with friends in other ways. You can also export your plans to iCal so you can keep your diet synched with your iPhone, iPod or PDA.

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