Hi-MD Music Transfer

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2009-09-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Sony | App Owner: phloem

Sony's upload/download software for Mac and Hi-MD Minidisc

This is an upload/download GUI for Sony Hi-MD minidisc units. There are specific upload and download parameters for different Hi-MD units, not all have the same features with this app. This software does not support any upload/download of non-Hi-MD files (mono, SP, LP, etc.).

Here are groups of supported Hi-MD units based on upload/download features with this software:

1) MZ-M200/MZ-RH1
2) MZ-M10/MZ-M100
3) MZ-DH10P/MZ-DH710/MZ-RH10/MZ-RH710/MZ-RH910

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1 Opinion

I use this with my Sony RH1 (M200) Hi-MD recorder. It works for what I do with Hi-MD content. It's more convenient than having to use Windows/SonicStage/VirtualBox on my Mac. Keep in mind this does nothing for non Hi-MD files, but it does do WAV, MP3, PCM, Hi-SP, Hi-LP.