Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2007-09-22 || License: Freeware Developer: Patrick Stein | App Owner: sfmonkey12

Hibernate preference pane will enable set switch between different sleep states on your mac:

* sleep
* hibernate & sleep
* hibernate

If you own an Intel or PPC Mac with 1GHz or more chances are good that Hibernation will work on your machine.

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For MacBook Pro owners, Mac OS X will always create a fresh /var/vm/sleepimage prior to sleeping, this is a copy of the RAM contents which is only used if it loses all power before being woken up.

You can see when your MacBook Pro is writing the sleepimage simply by looking at the status light, on sleeping, the light will be solid for up to a minute before the light starts to pulse, in that timeApple recommends against moving the notebook:

More info can be found by using pmset, in the Terminal, type "pmset -g" to find out what settings your MacBook Pro is using, and then "man pmset" to read the documentation and what the various states do.

In the rare instances the sleepimage is needed, once power has been restored, the MacBook Pro reads the sleepimage and restores the state of the computer to how it was when it went to sleep.

For myself this is a useless feature, if I want to have the MBP sleep, then chances are it will be back in use within a few hours, if the battery is low then I will either recharge it or shut it down. Writing a fresh sleepimage every time takes time, is potentially harmful if the computer is moved during the process and undoubtedly takes a toll on the life of the hard drive.

Hibernate.prefPane does exactly what I want and returns functionality I used to take for granted with my iBook G4, and if I ever need the old setting, it's just a couple of clicks and an admin password away.

Although Apple really should give us the options in Energy Saver, in the mean time I'll be using Hibernate.prefPane.

What changes does it make to the default choices? Eg: for a macbook pro?
The author says his macbook pro took too long to hibernate, but afaik the mbp sleeps when you close the lid, it doesn't hibernate... That's why there is an app like Deep Sleep, that can make it hibernate.