Version: 4.5.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-01 || License: Freeware Developer: ING Belgium | App Owner: leospaul

(You need a bank account @ ING Belgium to use this application.)

Home'Bank and Home'Bank Plus bring ING into your home or your office. From now on, you can settle your banking transactions yourself, via your computer. Simple and efficient.

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2 Opinions

I don't see how this software "stretches the limits of free".

This is ING's home banking software and the only reason you need a start-up code and subscription is for security reasons. Start-up codes and subscriptions are free and the software only works with Belgian ING accounts.

It is a good, secure and diverse program that allows you to manage both your credit and debit accounts as well as national and international transfers.

The only minor complaints I have are the double-window interface which isn't very Mac-like and the time it takes for the security module to connect to the HomeBank server, download account details, send transfers, etc. If the developer could speed up this process it would be perfect!

From the site:
"Before you can install and use Home'Bank you need a Home'Bank or Home'Bank (Plus) subscription and a start-up code."

Stretching the limits of "free" certainly.