Version: 5.0.9 || Release Date: 2016-07-29 || License: Commercial with demo ($39) Developer: Houdah Software s. à  r. l. | App Owner: houdah

Photo geocoding & geotagging for Mac OS X

HoudahGeo is a one-stop photo geocoding and geotagging solution for OS X. HoudahGeo writes EXIF, XMP and IPTC geotags to JPEG, RAW and XMP sidecar files. GPS device optional.

Just like a GPS-enabled camera, HoudahGeo records latitude, longitude, and altitude information right to your image data file. Don't have a GPS device? No problem! Just drop a pin on the map where you took your photo and HoudahGeo will tag it with the correct location.

Geotagging with HoudahGeo follows an easy 3-step workflow: Load, Process, then Output.

  • Start by loading photos into a HoudahGeo project. Optionally add GPS track logs
  • Use the built-in map to assign or adjust photo locations. Use reverse geocoding to add city, state / province and country names
  • Write location information to the original image files. Export the project for viewing in Google Earth or Google My Maps. Upload to Flickr

Feature Highlights

  • Automatic geocoding using GPS track logs
  • Geocoding using reference photos taken using iPhone or a GPS camera
  • Geocoding without a GPS. Use the built-in map to double-check, adjust, or assign locations to your photos
  • Reverse geocoding fills in city, state / province and country names
  • Write GPS data, location names, title, description and keywords to EXIF, XMP and IPTC tags
  • Works with JPEG as well as a large number of RAW file formats. It also supports XMP sidecar files.
  • Integrates with Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, and Adobe Lightroom
  • Notify iPhoto or Aperture when places information has been updated
  • Create Google Earth KML and KMZ files. View photos “pinned” along the path travelled
  • Publish photos and KML files to Dropbox. Share images on a map
  • Upload geotagged photos to Flickr

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4 Opinions

Great information article.

HoudahGeo 3.0 now has a completely new interface. Actually, it has been rewritten from scratch.

the idea is neat and also I dont dislike the interface....
ok granted it IS NOT pretty but once you use it it is ok

a dealbreaker for me was: that it didnt work with the 3 images I tried :(
(which work fine in any other app, are JPGS and can be read/written to)

Way to expensive and i don't really like the interface either.