Version: 3.9.8 || Release Date: 2015-01-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($29) Developer: Houdah Software s.a r.l. | App Owner: houdah

HoudahSpot is the Spotlight front-end most users don't know they are missing.

HoudahSpot is a flexible file search tool based on Apple's powerful Spotlight engine.

  • Keep frequently used files within reach
  • Retrieve the files you didn't know you still had
  • Don't waste time filing. Save time finding
What a pity, the "Finder" name is already taken.
This application would have deserved the appellation!

HoudahSpot unleashes the power of Spotlight. It makes good on the promise of quickly finding the files you search for.

  • Create detailed queries to pinpoint the exact file you want to get to
  • Narrow down searches. Step by step, zero in on files
  • Save active queries as documents for direct access to your favorite files
  • Set up templates for frequently performed searches
  • Tag files for easy retrieval
  • Do some housekeeping: Have HoudahSpot find music files not yet in your Music folder. Drag them to where they belong

HoudahSpot is EXACTLY what Spotlight should have been in Mac OS X
Chris Pirillo

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Please correct the name to "HoudahSpot".

The REAL name of the app is HoudahSpot and the version info can be checked at http://www.houdah.com/houdahSpot/updates/profileInfo.php

Please check and correct!