Version: 1.00 || Release Date: 2008-07-07 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: | App Owner: gallium

HTMLtoAPP is a simple way to create universal mac os applications from webpages, flash files, image files etc.

HTMLtoAPP is the simple way to create a stand alone executable file from your webpages, images, movies and much more. As a simple, easy to use webframe wrapper, almost anything that can be displayed within your browser can be packaged neatly into its own application. No need to open another application. Unsightly folders packed with files can be replaced with an elegant, easy to distribute application.

HTMLtoAPP allows you to turn the following into Applications:

Webpages such as .xhtml .xht .html .htm
Image files such as .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .bmp .tiff
With the correct plugins
Flash movies and games such as: .swf .flv
Movie files such as: .mov .avi
Sound files such as: .mp3 .wav .a4c

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2 Opinions

When I open this application on my Tiger computer, it doesn't open. It bounces a couple times in the Dock then quits. Hmm...

Actually, Fluid is probably the easiest way to create SSBs.