Hulu Desktop

Version: 0.9.10 || Release Date: 2011-01-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Hulu LLC | App Owner: commoguy

Lean-back viewing for your PC

Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer. It features a sleek new look that's optimized for use with standard Windows Media Center remote controls or Apple remote controls, allowing you to navigate Hulu's entire library with just six buttons. For users without remotes, the application is keyboard and mouse-enabled. Hulu Desktop is a downloadable application and will work on PCs and Macs. It will initially launch as a beta product during which we plan to gather and incorporate user feedback to improve the service.

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7 Opinions

Hello from Germany,
of course doesn't work here..
International copyrights law sucks! Hate it!! An when it would came to Germany the content would be german.. :((
Open Culture!!


I hate what Snow Leopard has done to Hulu with regards to the infrared remote.

Has some trouble on my dual-monitor setup (when I make it fullscreen on monitor #2 it only enlarges he image to the size of monitor #1 which is smaller, the rest of the screen is black). Other than that it works just fine on my Intel Mac.

@ nicolealicia14:
I live in Portugal. I tried Hulu Desktop and I got the information that the video streams are only available in the United States.
Maybe some kind of anonymizer will help. (Tor?)
I would like to hear form users in other countries about their experience with this app.

Has anyone in the UK tried this? I don't have much memory on my laptop and I'm reluctant to free up space for an app that might not work. The online hulu only works in US - was wondering if this worked on the same basis? If not does anyone no of a good IP changer?

Playback is snappy and fast on my MacBook. Amazing app. You could throw this on a cheap HTPC and only this, and have a compelling box.

Nice beta but I find the playback jerky. It's hard to find/select shows to watch. But the concept is excellent and can't wait for the final product (1.0).