Version: 5.2.5 || Release Date: 2013-12-06 || License: Commercial with demo ($1.99) Developer: Ludwig Villiger | App Owner: gugulino

Sleep-timer and more for iTunes. Listen to music while you fall asleep and set Hypnos to e.g. shut down your Mac after a predetermined number of tracks or time.

In Greek mythology Hypnos was the personification of sleep.

Hypnos on your Computer can help you to fall asleep. It is a sleep timer for iTunes (was called iTunesShut or Berceuse before) which allows you to Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, Pause or Quit iTunes or start an AppleScript after listening to a predetermined number of tracks (counter), length of time (timer), or entire playlist in iTunes. You can optionally have the volume fade out over this period, if desired.
All this comes in handy, when you want to listen to your iTunes music when you go to bed and don't want to care about shutting down the Computer.

Other features:

• Can also add an auto-cue and auto-pause functionality to iTunes.
• Control Hypnos with the Apple Remote.
• You can tell Hypnos to wait 5 Min. before it takes its action. During this time you can start listening to music again, for example with your iPhone or Apple Remote.
• Automatic selection counts automatically the number of songs you want listen to.
• Does not shut down, restart, sleep until Time Machine has finished.
• Can count only the songs in the current album when iTunes is in album view.

NOTE: If your version of this app is called "Berceuse", please remove all versions of Berceuse before you update to this version of Hypnos. Otherwise a "Hash mismatch" error may occur, preventing you from downloading the new version, because the name of the app has changed from "Berceuse" to "Hypnos".

Visit GuguSoft's Homepage or the included help for useful Tips and more information. For example for how to set your Computer to wake you up in the morning with music from iTunes.

Localizations: Chris Leduc (Danish), John André Netland (Norwegian and Danish), VinBoiSoft (Italian), Yann Ricquebourg (French).

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