Version: || Release Date: 2010-03-24 || License: Shareware ($26) Developer: Dare to be Creative Ltd. | App Owner: philipp13

iArchiver is the archive tool that Apple forgot: create, extract and convert archives with beautiful and enjoyable drag and drop.

Some features designed to make your life easier:
- Simple and fast redefined. Extracting archives was never simpler and faster: with iArchiver's quick extract all you need to do is drag your file onto the iArchiver icon in the dock and your files will extract in-place.
- Watch and see. With iArchiver's progress reports when creating, extracting and converting archives you always know what's happening.
- When ignore becomes bliss. iArchiver now gives you the option to ignore Mac-specific files such as .DS_Store and resource forks to make your files more accessible to Windows and Linux users.
- At the pulse of time. iArchiver is Leopard-ready so you can enjoy all its features on the newest version of your favorite OS.

iArchiver supports the following formats:
- creates Zip, DMG, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2 and CPIO archives
- extracts Zip, Rar, StuffIt (.sit), DMG, 7-zip (.7z), HQX, LhA, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, RPM, JAR and CPIO archives
- converts between the above formats

iArchiver handles your archiving needs -- effortlessly and elegantly.

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5 Opinions

Going to be replaced by Rucksack. I have links to the dev.

for me it worked great, but it misses a lot of cool features that free apps of that kind of stuff don't miss.

For example it does not provide an option to move the archive to trash after the extraction process completes successfully (this is one of the best features that I like in unarchiver)

Also I would like to have it menu bar (like stuffit do which is commercial too)

but the thing that makes it special is that it provides an option for non including any of the auto-generated files/folders of OSX till now I used to use terminal with zip command and running "export COPYFILE_DISABLE=true" command to not include in the archive the __MACOSX folder but iArchiver solves tis issue :)

This app is buggy when the archive contain non-western character file names.

This thing looks lovely, the only tool I've seen so far that meets all my needs... with one exception. It seems very flaky when it comes to opening multiple files to be extracted via file association or open with from the finder. It doesn't show a nice queue of items to be extracted the way The Unarchiver does, and when I attempted to extract one dmg while another was still extracting, it extracted the files from the second one into the folder it had created for the first, and didn't extract the first at all. Not sure if this behavior is only with dmg files, will see.

Simply the simplest archiving tool on the mac. feels like it belongs.