iBabel 2.5.1

Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2007-12-01 || License: GPL App Owner: drc

iBabel gives access to chemical file conversion, sub-structure searching, overlays, sorting and manipulation of lists of compounds, also include structure viewing capabilities, using JMOLand JChempaint. Provides a GUI to ChemSpotlight allowing searching your hard drive for chemical content
New update iBabel 2.2. The major new feature is the ability to do sub-structure searching of your hard-drive, this now works for multi-molecular files only returning actual hits from file rather than the whole file.
iBabel version 2.5, the key new feature is the ability to get the structures corresponding to CAS Numbers from PubChem. It uses the the Entrez Programming Utilities (eUtils). At the moment it requires Marvin or ChemDraw (not Leopard) to render the structures. Full details are on the web page.

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Actually, the license is Gnu GPL, not freeware. But it's definitely a handy utility. :-)