iBackup 2008

Version: 6.6.2 || Release Date: 2009-03-30 || License: Freeware Developer: Grapefruit | App Owner: mcgpp

iBackup is a powerful, yet very easy to use backup/restore tool for scheduled or manual backups of:
* Files
* Folders
* Application settings (e.g. Firefox, Adobe applications, Google Earth, etc.)
* System preferences like Time, Firewall, Bluetooth, etc.
* System applications like Mail, Address Book, iChat, iTunes, Stickies, etc.

iBackup supports Smart Folders, can create dated backup folders and Burn Folders, can run scripts and more. You can edit these settings and add your own.

iBackup can backup to local or network volumes or to WebDAV servers.

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9 Opinions

This is a very good application and was a real big hand migrating from a Powerbook to a Macbook Pro. Took all the essential settings I needed to my new machine. Brilliant.

The program is called IBackup, not IBackup 2008. There is another link to IBackup.

The latest version is 6.6.1 as of 3/19/2009

I've stopped using iBackup. There are too many pitfalls that can get in the way of a safe backup and restore, as I found when restoring files to my drive after a hardware repair where the shop replaced my Tiger system with Leopard. iBackup doesn't know from version numbers, so it overwrote Leopard utilities with older versions that had more recent time stamps. (The interface is so pokey that I found it easiest to save all apps during backup instead of selecting some of them.) iBackup also rendered saved text clippings as zero-length files. I've lost a non-trivial amount of data and can no longer use some Apple apps. Hoping a reinstall of Leopard from DVD will repair the damage, but the lost data is gone for good.

I am a fan of iBackup. I have been using it reliably for years. Just to be clear, by default iBackup backs up to it's own folder and does not delete files from the backup. But, as with any utility, you need to be careful how you use it.

I recently bought a new MacBook and iBackup was perfect for migrating my settings. I was able to restore just the settings I needed when I needed them.

While the plugin system is nice in that it takes care of gathering all the files needed to restore a particular app – it is getting unwieldy. The interface would be much better if checkboxes were shown only for apps that were actually installed on your computer.

I would also love to see the developer implement a feature that backs up settings for apps without plugins by "guessing" what files are needed the same way that uninstall apps do. These apps could be marked differently to show that they are not guaranteed the same as apps with plugins.

This application is extremely unintuitive, misleading and dangerous for your file. If you want to backup them, it's because you want to keep them safe. iBackup can jeopardise your files and you should be VERY careful when you use it!!!

I set up a iBackup process for automatic backup of my photos to my external hard drive. I was already doing that backup manually before, so the external HD already contained older backup. Instead of doing a continuous BACKUP, iBackup decided to SYNC the external HD with my local copy, ERASING the year of backups I had done manually without even raising a warning.

Because of that, I lost thousands of valuable photos that I won't be able to take again.

Beware, iBackup default setting doesn't backup, but SYNC (i.e. erases the files that don't exist any more on your local drive), it's extremely dangerous for your files and misleading in it's configuration.
To be able to do REAL BACKUP, you will have to change the command line parameters used by iBackup, and will have to understand ditto and rsync to do that... the interface is then USELESS.

Work's great! Just make sure you put in the correct password for admin privileges because it doesn't warn you if haven't. It just runs and runs and then dies. Other than that, it seems to be very good. And it's free! Free free free!

What a strange interface... It's got a kind of frakenstien thing going on.

This is a great app, but it would be much more useful for scheduled backups if it didn't need to be open for a scheduled backup to run.