Version: 5.0.1 || Release Date: 2013-11-21 || License: Shareware ($39.99) App Owner: pcmeissner

An intuitive full-featured personal and small business financial manager built exclusively for Mac OS X.

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A horrid product...not even smart enough to recognize dups when downloading.

I would love iBank but it completely fails at downloading stock quotes. It also has a lot to trouble handling transfers between accounts.

I am leaving Quicken after 10 years b/c this app, though still not completely polished, is so much easier to use. The killer feature for me vs the competitors I looked at is iBank 3's direct download from banks and card issuers. There are some interface issues -- for instance, dealing with categories is not as easy as looking at accounts -- but overall this is looking really good.

I stopped using iBank 2 once both iBank 3 and MoneyDance 2008 came out and the choice was to pay a hefty upgrade fee or use something else for similar price. I found the changes for iBank 3 to be bells and whistles (like coverflow), and still doesn't have even rudimentary graphs. Moneydance's reporting and graphs makes it much more valuable to me. Goodbye iBank (for now).

Wow, iBank 3 is a huge improvement over version 2! I dropped Jumsoft Money (they wouldn't listen to bug reports, horrible customer support) and purchased iBank 3. Very happy with it! Syncs data w/ iPhone too!

I hate to leave negative comments - but this is a loathsome piece of software, with no intelligence when it comes to dealing with the fundamentals of importing downloaded accounts (learn how to read dates), dealing with foreign currencies (I do not use dollars, this must be hard to understand). Now I know a dozen people are going to jump in and talk about how they don't have these issues, but these problems have been there for in every version I've tried.

I have been using this software for about a month now and never had a crash yet. Also, it has some things I wish could be different but the support forum for requests is always watch so I see alot of those features I want will prob. be in the next version (since a lot of others are requesting the same things). Much better then quicken for mac!

Buggy, buggy, buggy. Slow when loading up data at startup, too. Interface is ok, handling "splits" is completely horrid. These guys need some lessons in interface design. Feels way too unpolished for a $50 app.

Seems pretty cool. I'm not one for reading manuals or help-files but I haven't needed to yet with iBank. That's not to say it's ultra-sleek but it certainly packs a whole lot of features - more than I'm every likely to use. The price appears to have gone up to $49.99 now but that seems fairly reasonable considering what it's likely to save you in the long run.

I thought I found the perfect money manger... but it is BUGGY! I've had random iBank crashes and the setup assistance freezes on me.

(Running latest MacOSX on a iBook G4)

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