Version: 5.0.1 || Release Date: 2012-06-12 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: iCab Company | App Owner: itswhat

Alternative internet web browser.

iCab is an alternative web browser. It supports HTML 4, image filtering, cookie filtering, bookmarks, java and javascript support, search modes, importing of web archives from Explorer, download manager, and more.

Features include:

  • Advertising banner filtering
  • Kiosk mode
  • Error protocol (Smiley)
  • Portable web archives
  • Download Manager
  • Link Manager
  • Souce code manager

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20 Opinions

Great! I'm a fan of iCab's Error Reporting. Love the Filter Manager too. Added one to use Safari Identity to load Gmail correctly. Still lite and quick to launch.

iCab 3.0.5 has also been released simultaneously with 4.0.0. Still runs on Mac OS 8.5 or newer.

A long time user - Version 4.0 (up to ß19) has (finally) gone to use Apple's WebKit driver (sic?) is blisteringly fast to boot, and has all the iCab tools that you miss so badly when you need to use another browser. Developed by ONE man, it WAS the first browser to do Acid 2 stock. Safari was first, but was severely tweeked to do so.

Try it, and you'll always use it first.

p.s. v4 is currently missing some of the old web-site builder favourite tools, like instantly updating your web page as you modify code elsewhere - might return later.

It's a shame this browser doesn't get more recognition, because it's quite a feat to develop fully-functional browser these days.
It was one of the first to pass Acid2 test (that requires solid, advanced CSS2.1 and HTML support)

Progress seems to have slowed on this browser. When's the next release due out?

In my experience (using iCab since 2000), iCab has a more reliable web archive format than Safari. It's based on the ZIP compression standard, and iCab web archives can actually be expanded by any decompression utility to see all the files contained therein. I've had many Safari web archives fail to load once the cache had been flushed and the computer disconnected from the network, indicating its failure to create a truly offline copy of the page.

iCab is also light years ahead of the pack in terms of filtering of objects, cookies and scripts. It may be the most user-configurable browser available.

I have returned, logged in with iCab. Yep can handle this well written site. I've added comments, opened the concertinas found in the search results and clicked on 'i use this' link. This last point being something my main browser (OmniWeb) messes up.

This is the best browser on offer if you are still using a 'Classic' OS. If you are building websites add iCab to your testing process. It'll help you write code for more than 'explorer/mozilla/safari'. It's great as a second browser as it takes up little memory.

nice validator in this browser, will also do true full screen

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