Version: 5.0.1 || Release Date: 2012-06-12 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: iCab Company | App Owner: itswhat

Alternative internet web browser.

iCab is an alternative web browser. It supports HTML 4, image filtering, cookie filtering, bookmarks, java and javascript support, search modes, importing of web archives from Explorer, download manager, and more.

Features include:

  • Advertising banner filtering
  • Kiosk mode
  • Error protocol (Smiley)
  • Portable web archives
  • Download Manager
  • Link Manager
  • Souce code manager

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i forgot to mention, icab actually has the ability to create standalone web-applications (or single-site browsers, whichever you prefer), like fluid, from one or a whole set of user specified addresses. furthermore, these web apps' are able to use standard icab filters, settings and scripts. plus, like safari and all webkit applications, they are compatible with greasekit. beat that!

Very fast browser, suits me wonderfully.
v3.x supporting Mac Classic OS is awesome, nice to have a new browser option for OS9.

icab is so flipping intense it rips my face off, wears it and [intentionally] does a face-plant all over the interwebs. but seriously, this has become my go-to browser for research work and general light browsing. if only it could access login information in keychain, like camino and safari do, it would be my main browser. until then, it tops safari for me and comes in a close second to camino...

[pt. 2] the developer is also quite responsive to bug reports/feature requests. i hope a.c. never stops development on icab. aside from it's odd approach to saving login information, this is the most feature complete [solely mac] browser that i have ever used.

Hey people, great news: 1Password support iCab!!!!!

Tried saving as web archive (found agents' comment via a search for 'web archive' via google): works well with iCab when offline, but decompressing to load in another browser didn't work: errors happened on two files, maybe due to the file names used. Also the main page wasn't extracted (maybe because its url ends with '/').
(Tried with 7zX, unarchiver & stuffit expander)

However, saving as pdf worked very well: the resulting pdf doesn't have any gaps due to page breaks, as would have been the case if I had simply used the 'save as pdf' function from the print dialog.

With ß53 “stand-alone WebApplications” (think Fluid) have come to iCab, along with a useful Cache Browser.

Along with the geo-detection, this is really excellent work.

Good to see the 'Inspector' now and keychain access has improved.

Could do with a javascript console and something like SafariDockStatus for the feed count.

iCab has come on leaps and bounds with webkit. The latest build ß25 has now resizable text fields and the auto password filling from the keychain gets it right (good news if you use the likes of Textpattern).

Still not as fast as Webkit, Safari, Sunrise, Demeter (and Shiira if you can put up with the errant behaviour) or the beta Opera and Firefox but getting there and leaves standard Camino/Firefox in it's wake.

It has a nice feel to it, handles Bookmarks differently, but you get used to it. There is sadly no 'Web Inspector' from webkit, but it does have a cool 'Page Overview'. I have only minor niggles with it really; love to see a toolbar button for kiosk mode and bookmarks in (say) a side drawer ala Opera. It's very stable though.

A solid browser. I'll be sticking with Firefox because of those can't-do-without plugins, but iCab has some advantages seen nowhere else:

  • Extremely fast. Not even Safari beats it on rendering speed
  • Works on very old Macs, such as my wife's laptop
  • Kiosk mode is well designed and very useable
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