Version: 2 || Release Date: 2008-05-29 || License: Freeware Developer: http://spotthehall.com/ | App Owner: splutter

Launches the iCab browser on webkit nightlies

When launched (for instance) on Webkit r34130 this Automator shell script boosts the Sunspider javascript results from:
4171.2ms +/- 0.2% to 2539.0ms +/- 0.3%, (faster than webkit itself) and
Acid3 test from:
74/100 (linktest failed) to 100/100
Gives access to the new style Web Inspector.
Stability seems unimpaired.
Use in Dock to launch iCab.

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4 Opinions

Actually working with my version at the moment, even though the detect indicates it is not using webkit at all!

100/100 Acid3 result.

Because of the structure of iCab now, this app no longer works with recent releases of iCab, therefore I have removed the posting about it on my website.

(The download link still works though.)

We're up and running again on Webkit - ß52

Does not work with iCab ß52