iCal Events

Version: 2.3 || Release Date: 2007-11-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Kazez | App Owner: robotspacer

Face the day! Always know what's next in your schedule using iCal Events. iCal Events displays upcoming events from multiple calendars in a beautiful, resizable widget for Dashboard. You can see up to two weeks of upcoming events in the same widget without needing to open iCal.

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The new theme in version 2.3 matches Apple's calendar widget, woohoo! I'm happy! My Dashboard is much nicer now! :)

sleggat, omnigrowl might help you out with ical notifications; http://osx.iusethis.com/app/omnigrowl

The window is resizable. The text is not. Useful.

This aint bad at all! I personally would like something similar to both this widget and MenuCalendarClock. One that also gives an alert about any iCal events/ToDos, possibly via Growl, or something visible in the MenuBar, or even an email of what's happening today. I have events such as birthdays entered into iCal, but they're as good as useless if they go unnoticed, and at least with this widget I'm more likely to stumble across this info.

cocoi: Well, I have to admit that you're right: it's not free (but all features are available unregistered), and it is not a widget. MenuCalendarClock does address the problem of the events calendar in a more interactive fashion, however, and it does not clutter your menu bar. It replaces the default date and time with a similarly sized (and customizable) menu extra that has a drop down monthly calendar.

I have an iBook, so I'm with you on extraneous menu extras, but I have found this app much better than this widget, which only lets you see up to two weeks of coming iCal events. MenuCalendarClock is more like Ubuntu's (and other Linux builds') clock/calendar. It's just too bad it's so expensive.

Guns, that's a. No Freeware, and b. No widget. So no viable alternative. I hate menu bar clutter.

I use MenuCalendarClock.


This is a more elegant solution.

This is a great widget but it would have been cooler to be resizable

I don't find it all too resizable, but a nice widget that I use a lot.