Version: 2.1.5 || Release Date: 2008-10-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($11) Developer: Karl Goiser | App Owner: donutage

"iCalViewer displays calendar events as boxes dynamically moving towards a finish line which is now. It can do this on your desktop or in a window."

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This is an infinitely useful and simple application to help render your calendar data in a more digestible format. Anyone who has seen it on my desktop has immediately asked what it is and where they can get it.

I've owned this since it came out, a couple of years ago. And it has been running each and every day ever since.

To me, what makes it so special, is its unique concept of having a straight, yellow line, that represents 'now', towards which all your events are continuously moving closer and closer.

iCalViewer has a ton of customization options, and it's really too much to go into detail about here. But my favorite is, that you can have it show the events on the desktop, withunder all your icons, so that it's there, but it doesn't get in the way. So, in my case, the desktop's width represents 4 weeks (can be adjustable to whatever time window you wish).

I absolutely, truly, genuinely, love this app. My abilities keeping an eye on what's happening soon, would be brought back to stoneage without this genius application.

Very good implementation of a calendar viewer. I purchased pretty much as soon as I saw the demo.