Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2012-12-15 || License: Freeware Developer: http://www.jschilling.net/ | App Owner: cel

Random floating cat head

iCat 2.0
Formerly known as Cat.app
By John Schilling/StimpSoft™, Inc.
©2006 John Schilling
All rights Reserved.

What is iCat?
iCat is the OS X version of one of the dumbest applications on the planet, Cat.app, which I wrote in 1972 for the Classic Mac OS. This totally useless waste of bits is a floating cat head that lets out various quotes, noises, and smells. Note: prolonged use can lead to spontaneous decapitation.

How do I use iCat?
Simply double click the iCat icon to launch. You can adjust the activity level, window placement and shadow via the Preferences (under the iCat menu item).

Why would I want to use iCat?
Good question.

Why did you write iCat?
Choose one of the following:
1) My parents never bought me a pony.
2) I enjoy being insulted at MacWorld events.
3) I can't talk to girls.
4) It's a desperate cry for attention.
5) I'm on drugs.
6) My cat is on drugs.
7) I didn't write anything. YOU'RE on drugs.

I make no guarantees about this app. It may destroy you, your computer, your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am in no way responsible for ANYTHING tragic happening to you or anyone you choose to torture with this app. Use at your own risk.

iCat is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the application as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as no fee is collected. Why you would want to is another matter.

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