Version: 2.0.2 build 283 || Release Date: 2014-07-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Hanynet | App Owner: stevepj

PF Firewall Frontend

• IceFloor 2 is group based. Create groups and assign addresses, services and parameters to pass or block connections
• IceFloor uses its own set of PF configuration files; default OS X PF configuration files are not modified
• start with IceFloor Wizard to create a basic PF configuration in a few mouse clicks
• use IceFloor interface to set up very complex and customized PF rulesets
• manage inbound and outbound connections with filtering and bandwidth rules for your Mac and NAT clients
• hide services using port knocking, list and block connections on the fly using Inspector
• create custom PF presets including custom rules, options, filtering and bandwidth rules
• mix IceFloor PF rules with your custom PF rules, interact with external applications like sshguard
• share Internet connection using PF NAT, assign per-client filtering and bandwidth rules and redirections
• browse PF ruleset with the new PF Rules Browser, display filtering, bandwidth and NAT PF rules and pipes
• analyze PF logs with numerical and graphical statistics
• debug and test PF rulesets easily and quickly using IceFloor Menulet
• IceFloor is free and open source. It requires OS X 10.7. Some feature is available only on OS X 10.8 and newer.

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